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  • Chopra, Deepak and Leonard Mlodinow. War of the Worldviews: Science Vs. Spirituality. New York : Harmony Books, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
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  • Harrison, Guy P. Race and Reality: What Everyone Should Know About Our Biological Diversity. Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2010. [More] [Digital version]
  • Holzner, Steven. XML: A Beginner's Guide: Go Beyond the Basics with Ajax, XHTML, Xpath 2.0, XSLT 2.0, and XQuery. New York : McGraw-Hill, 2009. [More] [Digital version]
  • Joshi, S. T. The Unbelievers: The Evolution of Modern Atheism. Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • Kendall, Joshua C. The Forgotten Founding Father: Noah Webster's Obsession and the Creation of an American Culture. New York : Putnam's Sons, 2010. [More] [Digital version]
  • Kirschner, Rick. How to Click with People: The Secret to Better Relationships in Business and in Life. New York : Hyperion, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • Knowles, John. A Seperate Peace. New York, NY : Scribner, 1987. [More] [Digital version]
  • Offit, Paul A. Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens us All. New York : Basic Books, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • Pariser, Eli. The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You. New York : Penguin Press, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • Parsons, Arthur Hudson. A Library Is To Know. Bound to Stay Bound, 1971. [More] [Digital version]
  • Pennac, Daniel. Reads Like a Novel. London : Quartet Books, 1994. [More] [Digital version]
  • Peterson, Bryan. Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera. New York : Amphoto Books, 2004. [More] [Digital version]
  • Petro, Jim and Nancy. Petro. False Justice: Eight Myths That Convict the Innocent. New York, NY : Kaplan Pub., 2010. [More] [Digital version]
  • Turner, Gillian M. North Pole, South Pole: The Epic Quest to Solve the Great Mystery of Earth's Magnetism. New York, NY : The Experiment, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • Urban, Hugh B. The Church of Scientology: A History of a New Religion. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • Vandendorpe, Christian., Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott. From Papyrus to Hypertext: Toward the Universal Digital Library. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 2009. [More] [Digital version]
  • Weerawarana, Sanjiva. Web Services Platform Architecture: SOAP, WSDL, WS-Policy, WS-Addressing, WS-BPEL, WS-Reliable Messaging, and More. Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall PTR, 2005. [More] [Digital version]
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